Hey Ron.... Just thought I'd check in with you and tell you thanks. Needless to say when my wife left and I then had to sell our house I was totally devastated. I wasn't quite sure which way to turn. She had brought you in to represent her and at the time I felt I had to have someone as well looking out for MY interests. I didn't know any Realtor but brought in someone a friend had recommended. I appreciated that you all worked together well but what I saw from the start was that you were heading it up. In fact, as we moved forward YOU were the one kind of making it all happen. As I said, at the time I was a total mess and doing my best to hang onto my emotions as well as take care of business. Now that the dust has settled and I can look at things with a better perspective I really want to thank you for taking such good care of me. During the entire process you never approached it as "one side against the other". You were so professional as well as sensitive and considerate to my state of mind. To have been in such a vulnerable place and to have had you doing "what you do" and doing it so well sincerely made a horrible event palatable and workable. I want to also say that I appreciate all you did in the selling process of the house. The way you presented it... how you were always there... and how you negotiated in our best interests. The guy I brought in unfortunately wasn't much of a help in the process (although not a detriment) but YOU are the one that made it all happen. Thank you so much. I look back on those times with a lot of pain and sadness but one shining light in the midst of it was YOU and what you did for me... us. In this world of hustlers and people talking a good game it was refreshing and a true blessing to have worked with you. I'm really grateful, Ron. Thanks. God bless you.

— Jerry H., Los Angeles, CA